Identities in Motion 3

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The event

The third edition of Identities in motion (14 March 2018), entitled ‘Precarietà’, centred on mobility connected to the job market in Italy, ranging from exploitative practices to the idea of flexibility that can be read as both a resource and a concern. We discussed the impact that this specific economic and political issue has on contemporary Italian culture and how it has been represented in recent artistic works.

Alice Borchi (‘Occupy and Innovate: the Italian Artistic Precariat’) presented her research on how cultural projects in Italy are innovated by collective initiatives based on the key concept of performativity in plurality. Thanks to the analysis of some case studies, Borchi pointed out that changes at a local level may impact national-level policies.

The second session of the day started with a documentary screening of ‘Radio Ghetto Relay’. The director Alessandra Ferrini discussed the rationale behind the project in conversation with Gianmarco Mancosu and Emiliano Zappalà.  Whilst referring to the intersection between the use of archival materials and visual studies, Ferrini focussed on the case of immigrant workers exploited in the agriculture sector in Southern Italy.

Marta Fana, in conversation with Arianna Tassinari, showed that the idea of precarietà itself can be problematic, especially if used in combination with and/or in opposition to terms such as flexibility, volunteering, job experience. Drawing on some of the case studies and research included in her book Non è lavoro, è sfruttamento, Fana presented some key challenges that workers face in 21st century Italy.



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