Our Project

The #italiesinmotion project started at the University of Warwick (UK) in 2015 as an opportunity to exchange ideas and resources amongst scholars working on contemporary Italy.

We have focused on the critical understanding of Italian society. Our enquiry stems from an interest in the singularity of the Italian colonial and postcolonial configurations; the history of migrations from and, more recently, to Italy; political, social, and artistic perspectives on issues of inequality and intolerance. Such concerns are explored in a multi-disciplinary approach that encourages an awareness of the different meanings, challenges, and limitations of the concept of italianità.

The project is currently moving in two directions:

  • On Twitter, we are using the hashtag #italiesinmotion to tag relevant readings, news items, ideas. Over the years we have put together an online archive of resources that have informed our research and that we intend to debate and share.
  • Once a year, we organise the event Identities in Motion to discuss these themes with invited speakers in order to encourage a dialogue with the audience of the events and to nurture the online debate.

Feel free to email us to italiesinmotion@gmail.com if you would like to know more about our project, receive updates (max 3 emails per year), or establish a collaboration with us.

Coordinators: Gianmarco Mancosu and Gioia Panzarella



#italiesinmotion community:

Simone Brioni

Charles Burdett

Jennifer Burns

Mary Jane Dempsey

Valeria Deplano

Alessandra Ferrini

Shereen Hunte

Linde Luijnenburg

Luisa Pèrcopo

Goffredo Polizzi

Paolo Vacca